Monday, December 12, 2016

Music Monday: Foreigner - Double Vision

What? Foreigner two weeks in a row? Oh you daaaaaamn right! This tune has been stuck in my head lately, and that ain't a bad thing. Good classic rock tune.

So, my own double vision has cleared up. Crazy is done for me. Well...done for now, I guess. There's always more crazy to be met right around the corner. However, the single biggest source of stress for me over the last three or more years is now completely GONE and off my plate. It wasn't without bloodshed...getting rid of that beast took a heavy toll on me mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. Recovery and recouping begins now. I can't express how awesome that feeling is, especially during the end of year holiday season. Despite 2016 being a flaming trainwreck (which is also infested with spiders), I'm ending the year on one of the most positive notes that I can. Hooray.

Not much else to report as yet. You all know what season it is, and you know we're going to see some MASSIVE sales in the coming weeks. We'll talk again when the deals start flowing (or whenever I randomly feel like posting again).

Stay awesome, friends.

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