Monday, November 7, 2016

Music Monday: WWE - Catch Your Breath (Finn Balor theme)

I've mentioned before that I'm a pro wrestling fan. Today's tune comes from that fandom. The tune is pretty sick, the entrance is awesome, and the dude that it all frames up, Finn Balor, is a pretty entertaining wrestler. If you're not a wrestling fan, enjoy the tune. If you're not a fan of either, well...I can't help you.

If you live in the US, there's this thing happening this week which could, possibly, maybe, be a little bit important. Or...bring about the apocalypse. I'm not going to give free advertising to any candidate, but I will pull out my soapbox for a moment.


One of the major candidates is severely unqualified to run this country. This candidate has no experience with foreign policy, no legal background, no knowledge of the constitution, no diplomatic ability, no charisma, and no couth. This candidate is not calm under pressure, hasn't done his part to support this country (by paying taxes) in the last 20+ years, has business ties to one of our major rivals, and (in my personal opinion) is just an unsavory human being. I'm not endorsing any candidate here, but I would implore you NOT to vote for the Republican candidate this year. If you are a Republican/Conservative, I'd encourage you to investigate the Libertarian party instead. You'll probably find that they espouse your ideals more closely than the current Republican party.


Ugh. Politics. I feel dirty now. Let's get back to cool stuff.

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. Mass Effect returns in LESS THAN A YEAR. I am stoked beyond belief. I may just have to revisit my N7 Armor costume from a couple years ago and refine it a bit. I've resigned at this point to never finish my backlog, but I am still making an effort. Now that all the Fallout 4 DLC has been released, I've been doing a full playthrough. Just finished Automatron (for the second time), and I'm moving on to more. Not sure what I'll play next, but hopefully I'll have some time to start doing some videos again.

Final note today. I want you to head over to my buddy's page and watch the Heavy Metal Gaming Show. Trevor has been playing through and reviewing his personal library of classic NES games for the past few years. He's picked it back up hardcore in the last few weeks, and you should really check the page out. We've talked off and on about doing some collaborative stuff, so watch this space (and his!) for some possible future foolishness.

As always...stay awesome, friends.

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