Monday, October 24, 2016

Music Monday: Bangalore Choir - Angel in Black

If I were a betting man, I'd say I've used this track before. I'm not a betting man. I am a cynical, bitter, mildly nihilistic man. So instead, I'll say fuck it. Have some metal.

Hey, do you like podcasts? Of course you like podcasts. You should check out this(VERY NSFW) podcast, by my good friends at Pipe Dreams Press. Heads-up, the podcast is beyond an "R" rating for if you're uptight or easily offended, maybe don't click that link. Regardless, what you should definitely do is check out the rest of their site for some great table-top RPG resources, as well as some awesome home-brew games available for *FREE* (which I had a VERY, VERY tiny hand in helping create). These are dear, old friends of mine who I grew up gaming with, and I can say that you'll be seriously entertained by the content they've put together.

We are one week away from the greatest and most important of holidays, Halloween. And that's a fucking travesty. Seriously, Halloween on a Monday? Fuck you, 2016. Still planning on enjoying the Halloween's just kinda dumb that the actual night is on a weeknight. I guess it gives me an opportunity to hand out candy...something I haven't done since the early 90's.

Shut up. I'm old.

It also gives me an excuse to indulge one of my favorite hobbies, cosplay. I've only been into the hobby a couple years, but I enjoy the crap out of it. Pepakura has become a major interest for me in the last year, but I started out working with foam. If you aren't familiar with the hobby, or foamcraft in particular, check out Evil Ted and Punished Props. Both of them do awesome work, and have plenty of tutorials and stuff to get you going. If you like what you see, support them by buying their stuff, subscribing to their channels, or just spreading the word. I had a chance to meet Evil Ted at my home con this year, and he's a great guy. Started on the ground as a fan, just as any of us are, and managed to turn his passion into a successful Hollywood career.

As the saying goes, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

Have a great week. Stay awesome, friends.

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