Sunday, July 3, 2016

Music Monday: Chevelle - Face to the Floor

Catharsis. From the Greek. Meaning "purification" or "cleansing."

That's the essence of today's music post. The song is a big middle finger to the oligarchy and those who would exploit the middle and lower classes. Specifically, it was written as an angst-anthem for the victims of the Madoff-era Ponzi schemes. I think it's relevant to the whole of the middle class plight. But then again, I'm a pinko commie liberal, so what do I know?

So, today is Independence Day. While this seems like an appropriate day to let my trademark cynicism loose with a political rant, I'm not going to. I don't have the energy.

I will say a few things. First, thank you to anyone who has served in the military. Cynic though I may be, I know firsthand that these folks sacrifice a lot to keep this country kicking along. Second, every American should take this day to celebrate their independence. Drink a beer. Grill some food. Take a swim. Have sex. Play some games. Hug a friend. Watch a movie. Shoot some fireworks.

Above all, understand that you have the freedom to do any of these things. Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. Not everyone in the world has these. Understand it. Savor it. Revel in it.

One other thing, real quick. If you like card games in the vein of Cards Against Humanity, give a quick look at Pick Your Poison. This looks like a ton of fun, but he's got quite the hill to climb with only a couple weeks to go.

Stay awesome, friends.

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