Monday, May 30, 2016

Music Monday DOUBLE PLAY! Gary Numan ft. Nine Inch Nails - Metal + Cars

Alright, so...sporadic updates. Sometimes I do this, and sometimes I don't. Whatever, right? Yeah.

I've professed my love for today's artist many times before. Gary has laid down some damn fine tunage over the last several decades, and he doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Today's track (DOUBLE PLAY BONUS EXTRAVAGANZA) combines two of my favorite artists (the aforementioned Gary, plus Nine Inch Nails) performing two of my favorite tracks. Collaboration, folks. That's when two awesome things combine to make something UBER-awesome.

That's science. You can't dispute science.

Much love to everyone. For those in the US celebrating Memorial Day, hold your loved ones close. Eat a hamburger. Drink a beer. Remember the men and women who have bled for our way of life. Remember that there are those who gave their lives for an ideal of peace. Remember those who gave their lives trying to strike down tyranny. Remember those who gave their those who came after could live free. Honor their memories by fighting to give freedom to those who are oppressed. Extend a hand in friendship and understanding, rather than balling a fist in fear and ignorance. Realize that all men are created equal, and everyone just wants to be treated the same, regardless of gender identity, skin color, sexual preference, religion, or whatever.

Life is too short to be shitty to one another. We are made of star stuff. We should mesh our knowledge and evolve as a species. We are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. We should act like it.




Stay awesome, friends.

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