Sunday, July 19, 2015

Time to Play a Game: Dying Light

Here we go again with another random update. Today on the blogasboard for your dining pleasure, zombie murder simulator Dying Light. Presented without commentary because I didn't feel like talking. Also, I'm trying a new intro thing. So there's that.

I'm immensely enjoying this's kinda like someone looked at Dead Island and said, "This needs more parkour." I guess that doesn't say a lot if you didn't like Dead Island (I did...though I didn't get into the second game as much). However, if you do like a big, open world full of zombies that are just asking to be murdered, this may be for you. There's also 4-player co-op multiplayer, and a free DLC that allows you to invade other players' games as a special hunter zombie. The day/night mechanic adds a nice layer of tension, as you try to avoid or outrun volatiles (uber zombies that only come out at night).

Thanks for visiting. Watch the video, buy the game, and as always stay awesome, friends.

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