Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weekend Update

Turns out, my webcam is absolute shite (which you probably already know if you've watched any of my unboxing vids). I recorded an unboxing of this month's Arcade Block, but didn't realize until after the box was opened and loot was out that the video is complete ass. On the upshot, I've got a new webcam on order, so the quality of my unboxing vids should improve dramatically.

The annual Steam Summer Sale is now in full swing, until June 22. There have been some pretty decent deals so far (as well as a bit of controversy). As has been the norm for the past few sales, there's a gimmicky game-type thing to unlock deeper discounts, collect badges, and whatnot. This year it's literally a minigame: shoot monsters, buy upgrades, kill bosses, repeat ad nauseum. As the community progresses through the various levels, more discounts are unlocked. Kinda neat that it's much more interactive than other years.

The annual Electronics Entertainment Expo (or, E3 as the kids say) starts next week, and by all accounts it's gonna be epic. Lots of major announcements from major players this year. A good friend is heading there this year, and will be providing pics and videos and other wonderous things. While you're at it, you should totally subscribe to his YouTube channel. He's playing through the ENTIRE original NES library, so tune in for the reviews. Oh...he also holds the current Kid Icarus world record high score. So, there's that.

That's all I've got for now. The Steam sale should give me fodder for some more game videos, so I should have some more content soon.

Stay awesome, friends.

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