Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Music Monday: Tool - Disposition

Sorry for the day late post. Had a death in the family recently. A dear, sweet woman has passed on. While tears of anguish and loss were shed, I also look back and smile at how my life was made brighter for having known her. I also smile at how full a life she led. I hope one day I can look back and smile again, knowing that I've lived a life of wondrous adventure, surrounded by good friends and great memories.

I've also had many major changes in my life this last month...it is a time of great upheaval for me. This song seemed appropriate. I've always felt it has a theme of change, or turning seasons. Maybe my interpretation is different from others, or completely off base. But, take any song from the Tool catalog, and you'll find layers and layers of potential meaning. Tool is my favorite band of all time and this album (Lateralus) is, in my humble opinion, their best album. That's a bold statement, but I stand by it. The album is pure art. There's no brainless thrash metal, no soulless pop bubblegum...just four musicians sharing their untainted art with the world. The video I've linked isn't any sort of official video (the band never did one for this tune), but I think it is well done and fits the music.

I don't have many more words right now. Life in general has left me drained...exhausted mentally and physically, angry, disappointed, frustrated and a little scared. But, I have a lot of excellent friends and hobbies...so I know how to squeeze the awesome out of life. Please, enjoy the music. Find your happy. Play video games, eat good food, enjoy good times. And as always...stay awesome, friends.

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