Friday, January 23, 2015

The Unboxening: January Loot Crate

Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Loot Crate! The theme this month is REWIND (even though I mistakenly said RETRO in the vid), so there's all sorts of stuff from days gone by. I especially like the part where I open a box and get neat junk.

Speaking of neat junk, LEGO is pretty neat. Conventions are pretty neat, too. Know what happens when you combine the two? This happens. It's kind of a big deal, so if you'd like to go...they recommend booking sessions in advance.

So, unless you've been living under a rock this week, you should have heard about Windows 10. I'm cautiously optimistic, but to be honest I have yet to be truly disappointed with a Microsoft OS for a while (yes, even Vista). Most of the people that I've heard hate on Vista can never produce real reasons why it was so terrible, other than "duuuuuuur Microsoft sucks duuuuuuuuuur." But, I digress. Windows 10! Internet Explorer will finally be put to pasture, replaced with what is currently called "Project Spartan" (and resembles Chrome). Cortana will be fully integrated. The OS will be intelligent enough to recognize when you're on a desktop/laptop or a tablet, and turn on relevant controls (i.e., touchscreen) as needed. Also, for the first year it'll be available as a free upgrade for any Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 users. The final thing that has me salivating though, is HoloLens. This is going to be a seriously awesome year for tech, assuming the Oculus Rift hits the market. To quote Gary, "Plug me in, turn me on. Oh, everything is moving."

The future is bright. Stay awesome, friends.

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