Monday, January 19, 2015

Music Monday: Gary Numan - Dead Sun Rising

Back again, after a short hiatus. Holidays, sickness, etc., etc.

This is the first Music Monday of the new year, and we're starting off with the artist from my first ever Music Monday post, Gary Numan. I really like this's based off a sci-fi story Gary has been working on. It definitely has that feel. The lyrics remind me a bit of The Doctor. I haven't found the story it's based on (not sure that he's even published it), but I'd love to read it.

I'm really enjoying my Nintendo 3DS. The game library is pretty extensive (including support for DS and DSi games), and there are some pretty awesome features, like StreetPass, which add a new level of depth to your gaming experience. There's a New 3DS coming out soon (and that's the woefully un-imaginitive name of the new device), but thankfully it's not a completely new platform. You'll be able to play your old games on the new system, and should still be able to play new games on your old system. I would imagine prices on the previous generation 3DS and 3DS XL should drop, so you can get into the 3DS platform at a pretty reasonable price. And don't forget to check out eBay for great deals on games (and possibly system bundles).

Should have a new Loot Crate soon, so be on the lookout for the unboxing vid. This month's theme is Rewind, so we'll be looking at retro gear...including some form of Voltron loot.

Stay awesome, friends.

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