Thursday, December 4, 2014

Time to Play a Game: Titanfall

Titanfall went on sale last week, so I bought the crap out of it. It's on sale this week for 50% off, so go grab it NAO. What can I say? I like my games like I like my and easy to get into.


Watch the vidja to the left for how I roll. Spoiler alert: I am noobish and say weird things. Also, sorry for any video/audio quality issues, I'm new to the whole "Let's Play" thing, and still figuring out settings and other bullshit. I hate computers.

OH! Bee-tee-dubs! If you like first person shooters, and would like one for free...I have FREE COPIES of Insurgency. I have three licenses which are first come, first served. You'll redeem through Humble Bundle and register on Steam. If you're a gamer you should already have a Steam account, but if not it's free to create a new one. I think Humble Bundle may have some sort of registration as well, but you can opt out of any newsletters n' such. At any rate, enjoy the free game you first 3 lucky people. You win a prize for being PEOPLE THAT READ MY BLOG.

Treat each other well and stay awesome, friends.

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