Monday, September 8, 2014

Music Monday: Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole

I swear, you day my real life shit will be dealt with and I'll give this blogosaurus the proper attentioning it so richly deservifies. Until then, the three of you that actually read the page can enjoy the sporadic posts chock-full of subtle humor and general awesomeness. Also, I've been drinking.

I've really been jamming on Tool lately. I'd really love to drop Schism, Cold & Ugly, or Prison Sex (which I can now play on guitar, FUCK YEAH) on you for a Music Monday. Unfortunately, Tool has never been big on the whole digital music revolution...which is odd since Maynard's other vehicles, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, HAVE. So, you'll just have to settle for some Nine Inch Nails today.

Because...Nine Inch Nails, obviously.

So, I cancelled my WildStar sub recently. It was a fun game, but really in the end just felt like a sci-fi WoW clone with a little more polish and more options. I'm, admittedly, a bit of an MMO whore. If I can play it for free, I'll play it. Hell, I might even spend a little money on it. But, I have yet to find something that I can fully commit to. Even my torrid love affair with EverQuest 2 has cooled in recent months. Someone out there needs to get ambitious. The next evolution of the MMO needs to be a full-immersion VR world. I'm talking holodeck here, people. We have the Oculus Rift for the VR interface (as well as other peripherals). We just need someone to create the virtual world. Give us the ground game. Give us the space game. Mash up Star Trek Online, EVE, WoW, The Secret World...FUCKING EVERYTHING. Creating the OASIS from Ready Player One is well within our grasp. We just need someone ambitious enough (and wealthy enough) to make it happen.

Because Spaghetti knows the real. world. fucking. sucks.

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