Thursday, July 24, 2014


Forgive me Spaghetti, for I have sinned. It has been several months since my last post.

If you're not familiar with Humble Bundle, you should be. Do you like things? Do you like to buy things? Do you like to buy bunches of things for not much currency? WOULD YOU LIKE TO RIDE WITH BATMAN? Head over and check out the current can get piles of video games, comic books, Walking Dead miscellany, and other bundles for cheap. How cheap? However cheap you want. You decide how much you pay for each bundle. Paying more nets you more stuff, but you can seriously get some great bargains. ALSO, some of the proceeds go to charity. I believe it's a different charity with each bundle, and you decide how your money is split up between the charity, publisher, etc. Oh, and you can register the games you buy on Steam. So there's that.

Against my policy of paying more than $40 for video games (especially subscription MMO's), I recently picked up WildStar. As you may recall, I beta tested it several months back. WildStar is, in a word, fun. In two words, it is "quite fun." Graphically, it is similar to World of Warcraft (only newer, fresher, updated-er). Avatar customization isn't quite as extensive as I'd like, but I have REALLY high standards for that aspect (seriously, try Star Trek Online or Champions Online to see how character customization should ALWAYS be done). However, there is a BUTTLOAD of possibilities for customizing your build. Pretty much every class is DPS, but can switch to a secondary role with the right build (i.e., tank, healer, CC, etc.). In short, I definitely recommend it. I may do a proper write up on it in the future.

But no promises...

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