Monday, September 9, 2013

Review'd: Brütal Legend

Brütal Legend I'd been eyeballing Brütal Legend for quite a while. It's one of those games that looked really cool and had a cool concept, but I just wasn't 100% sure of. I threw it on my Steam wishlist to get an alert if it went for cheap. Well, it recently dropped to $5 and I couldn't resist.

Brütal Legend stars Jack Black as Jack Riggs, epic master roadie. After a brush with death, one of the demon gods of metal throws Eddie into a world straight out of a 70's Judas Priest album. The visuals are fantastic, paying homage to heavy metal album covers back to the beginning. The soundtrack features a great selection of metal classics, and some of the legends themselves lend their voices to characters in the game. In addition to metal giants, the voice talent list is pretty impressive (including Femshep herself, Jennifer Hale).

Brütal Legend Screenshot 1

The game itself plays like a pretty standard action RPG (with more emphasis on the action than the RP). There are unlockable costumes, weapon skins, etc., as well as combo moves and solos (basically, magic spells cast with your guitar). Where the game gets weird is when it starts to introduce a kind of RTS element. It reminds me a bit of Overlord, and possibly a little of Spellforce. I'm not a fan of RTS personally, but luckily the game doesn't overwhelm with this aspect. To be honest, the gameplay is a bit bland. There's really nothing here you can't get out of a hundred other games on the market.

Brütal Legend Screenshot 2

Where Brütal Legend really shines, though, is the atmosphere. The music, the art, the voice work...all of it comes together to create a killer atmospheric experience. It certainly feels like someone watched Heavy Metal and said, "I'm going to make a video game out of that."

Brütal Legend Screenshot 3

Well, you know...another video game. Not that one they did a while back.

Brütal Legend Screenshot 4

It's not a great game. It's not a bad game. It is certainly an entertaining experience. There's no multiplayer or DLC, so staying power just isn't there. My summary opinion? This game is worth a playthrough. It's fun, it does a good job of setting its atmosphere. There's little replayability, however. Full price is $20 as of this writing, so grab it on sale when you can find it.

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