Monday, August 19, 2013

Really, Deep Silver? Or, First World Problems are a Bitch

sr4 title Few and far between are the games that I will pre-purchase.  Mass Effect is my favorite series of all time, and I didn't buy ME3 until the day after it was released.  I pre-purchased Saint's Row IV.  I got into the franchise with the first game and was not impressed.  It seemed like a GTA knock-off, and I didn't keep it for long.  When the third game rolled around and made noise, I had to check it out.  Between the first and third games, something changed.  The series stopped taking itself seriously and focused on ridiculous fun.  Some of the best multiplayer sessions I've had were in SR3.  So when it was announced that you would portray the superhero US president in the fourth, I had to preorder.

I got notification this weekend that pre-loading was available for a Monday release.  I ate up all my free bandwidth pre-loading this weekend in anticipation that I'd have something to look forward to after surviving a Monday at work.  I get home, ready to get crazy only to see this:




I'll post a Review'd later this week.

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